Creation Poem by Razi Abedi: Summary and Analysis

Read below our complete notes on the poem “Creation” by Razi Abedi. Out notes cover the background, summary, themes, and analysis of this poem.

Creation Poem by Razi Abedi

Adam approached the forbidden tree

And this world came into being

When from the states of Europe

Thieves, marauders and murderers were externed

They settled in America, Australia and other colonies

And the New World came into existence

Perhaps one day some criminals will be thrown out of this globe.

They will inhabit other planets in space

And so new worlds will be born

O God!

Is this the only way the worlds are created?

Creation Poem Introduction:

The poem creation is the out pour of author`s personal sentiment of dissatisfaction with the ways of the world. He states that this world expands through destructive efforts rather constructive efforts. He even alludes to reference of Adam and Eve and says with their sin this world got created and so forth, the world is now getting expanded with every criminal activity taking place. He also mocks the human beings who are the main culprits and executors of these devilish activities; all the evils that are corrupting this world are because human beings have got materialistic which has corrupted them to the extent. He also thinks that those who are illegible and incompetent are coming to rule because; people with wisdom are no more as they have polluted their minds with the dirty money game.

Creation Poem Summary:

In the very first couplet, the poet alludes to the biblical reference of Adam and Eve when they approached the forbidden tree and ate the apple from that tree. Due to that heinous act, God`s wrath came upon them and they were expelled from Heaven. Henceforth, this world where we live came into being. Now the poet sets the tone that this world is created because of the sin committed by Adam and Eve. The implied meaning in this couplet is that they were motivated by the outlook of the fruit; they forgot the blessings God and fell prey to the temptations of Satan hence got expelled. When they got expelled, they were sent to the earth so it world got created because they started living here. The point is that the very foundation of this world is rooted somewhere in evil.

In line 3-9, the poet`s view is that people from the powerful regions of the world started plundering the weak nations and they made those nations and territories their colonies. He thinks that as they wanted to exercise their power so they looted the other nations which were not only chaotic but dangerous for the world as well. He then says that these were criminals because their intentions were not good. Their main aim was to loot and plunder the other nations and to improve their nation and its well-being. He then says that a time will come when these looters and plunders will be thrown away of this world because the world will recognize itself; it will get to know its real well-beings and hence these false well-wishers will be thrown away to have a good world where piece and intellectuality will reign. But the next lines are again pessimistic, as he says when these criminals and evil people will be expelled from this world to bring peace, so, they will go to other planet to do the same activities. The view is that they would not avoid their bad activities. The poet is sarcastic towards that these human beings will never mend their ways and they will always be same; they will kill fellow human beings for personal benefit, they will plot the downfall of other countries, they loot other nations and will go to any extent to weaken the fellow human beings.

The last couplet is a question directed to God. The poets has seen the overall miseries of human beings, caused by the fellow human beings which has prompted him to ask God whether there is any other way to create another world or every world will be created with the foundations of evils and destruction. The poet has become hopeless that’s why he turns to God, who is the last and ultimate resort. He wants God to interfere in the ways of human beings as they are about to destroy this whole world. He wants God to forbid the humans from their evil acts because the humans are suffering and they will suffer more if this continues. The poet wants a peaceful world of happiness and joy.

Creation Poem Themes:


The major theme of this poem is materialism. The poet seems to be against the approach of materialism. He thinks that this materialism has corrupted human beings due to which they have become murderers and killers. He is of the opinion that the base of all the evil acts is material which one way, or the other, destroys the world. The narrative of the poet is to avoid this materialism so that we can experience love and harmony.

To Shun Evil:

To shun the evil is another theme of this poem. The poet poses a serious question about the creation of this world. He thinks that the creation everything is based in the evil intentions and because of sins and evil activities the things are created and so the humanity suffers. So he wants us to shun evil and to mend our ways so that this world becomes a blessing and a world of peace.


Self-realization is another theme of this poem. The poet wants us to realize our selves. He wants the people to recognize the faults they have committed. He wants the people to realize their true selves and its demands. Only then, this world can move in to a better direction.

Creation Poem Analysis:

  • The poem is written in free verse.
  • The poem is mirror to the very basic instinct of human beings; to do evil acts. The poet satires the human beings as there every act is prompted by evil intentions.
  • The poem can be seen as a mirror to the colonial system. The poet has established the narrative which Edward Said has talked about in his book Orientalism. Edwards Said thinks that the colonial powers were not true to their narrative of White man`s burden, rather it was a disguise to loot and plunder. Razi Abedi thinks the same as well. He also thinks that the people from Europe were murderers whose sole aim was to benefit the empire and for that they could go to every extent.
  • The poet has used the words thieves, marauders and murderers for colonizers who have wrenched the lives of colonized people.