Tomorrow Poem by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi: Summary and Analysis

Given below is the introduction, summary, themes, and analysis of the poem “Tomorrow”, written by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi and translated into English by Daud Kamal.

Tomorrow: The Poem 

Frozen darkness all around

And no way out.

But man

Sustained by human dignity

Lives on

In the hope

That the first touch

Of dawn

Will melt

This black tundra.

We await

The sun’s triumphant return-

The knight

In the golden armour.

Tomorrow Introduction:

This poem, like other poems of Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, is in string of hope. He once again comes with a bright message of hope. Though he is dejected with his surroundings and is unsatisfied with the things going on in his surroundings, yet, he has not lost the hope and is awaiting of better situation where things will be alright and a joyous wave of happiness would be spread over the human beings. The poem is in fact in transitional mood from dejection to a notion of hope. He considers that man would not let the human dignity be ruined and swayed by the harsh conditions because it is the only things that can bring about victory in such dark nights.

Tomorrow Summary:

In the first two lines, the poet is dejected and is crumbling upon the circumstances because he thinks that the bird of dejection and failure has caught everything is it claws; there seems no way to get rid of the powerful claws of the bird of dejection. The poet thinks that everywhere, the spell of had adversely affected every human being and object of this country. The poet is striving to get rid of the situations because he considers the situation very hazardous for human dignity.

From line 3-10, the poet now transforms his above statements, where he seems  no way of getting out of the failure, here he gets a to perish the bird if failure. As Keats flies away with the nightingale, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi wants to take away all humans along with him via the bird of hope. He says that human beings have the last resort which is in the shape of hope. When this hope is alive things can get changed very quickly. He thinks that with this hope, we can overcome the dark night. The victory could be gained with hope. And victory is around the corner. He wants the human beings to stay firm and be hopeful because the dawn of new sun is going to a day of change and victory.

From line 11-14, Ahmad Qasmi gets assured that now the new beginning is about to dawn. He tells his readers let`s wait for the new day when the light will bring success and victory. He says that with the victory, all their worries will be gone, their insecurities will be turned into the protectiveness of the generations; the coming generations will be fully alive and protected. The poet sees days of mirth in the bag. He is long awaiting for these days nights which at last will dawn.

Tomorrow Themes:


This poem has a very strong theme of transition from pessimism to optimism. He urges his readers to forget the past full of misery and ailments, now the bright future is ahead. he thinks that long nights  of misery are gone. The poem conveys a very strong message that time always changes, what required is not to lose faith because faith and hope can always bring you out of the difficult situations.


This poem is a poem of hope. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi assures his reader that this Hope can give them success because Hope never dies and it never let the others die. Emily Dickinson has rightly said;

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all –

Hope always sustains and this what Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi thinks as well. He thinks that this long dark nights of tyrants’ hands will be soon gone and we will be living a life of freedom and joy.

Tomorrow Analysis:

  • The title of the poem sets the very tone of the poem. It clearly tells that the day when the poet is writing this poem is a day of tyranny and that the poet is lamenting the condition which he lives in. but then he realizes that these dark hours will soon be gone and they will again be free. So this title ‘tomorrow’ conveys a message of transformation.
  • The beauty of the poem is that the writer has use the art of synesthesia. He has deliberately combines different sense in the poem to give it an artistic beauty. One example of synesthesia is in line 1 when he says ‘frozen darkness.’ Frozen is something that can be felt with the sense of touch and darkness is something that can be observed with the sense of sight. But the poet has artistically combined the different senses to convey a definite meaning.
  • The poet has used personifications on a number of times in the poem. This also gives a sense of beauty to the poem. One prime example of personification in in line 7-8 when he says the first touch of dawn. In this line he personifies dawn by attributing humanly quality of touch to it, which is personification.
  • Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi very beautifully portrays the political situation of Pakistan in the times of martial law. He compares the time with frozen darkness and he senses that there in no way out. But Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi is not the poet of pessimism, even in times of pessimism he sorts out the way to optimism. In this poem, he again comes up with the way out which is hope and faith. He thinks that with this quality human beings can score victory. In his one of the ghazals, he says;

Kon Kehta Hy K Moat Ayi To Mar Jaonga,

                  May To Darya Hon Samandar May Utar Jaonga,

                  Zindagi Shama Ki Manind Jalata Hon Nadeem,

                  Bujh To Jaonga Magar Subah To Kar Jaonga.