Writing Poem by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi: Summary and Analysis

Given below is the intro, summary, themes, and complete analysis of the poem “Writing”, written by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi and translated into English by Daud Kamal.

Writing Poem Introduction:

The poem, “Writing”, by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi and translated by Daud Kamal is very significant poem that can be a source of inspiration and hope for readers. The poem fabricates a very strong building of hope, whatever we see around in this universe has its own significance; from the tiny atom or sub-atomic particle of the dust to the greatest of the stars and particles convey a strong sense of message and hope. The existence of everything is one way or the other contributing to the universe in a very positive way. We see a very pantheistic note in the poem because everything has been given a life by making them active so when all these things carry a message then what could be that message- a message of following the path of God.

Writing Poem Summary:

In the first stanza (line 1-4), the poet lists few things and gives them creative quality. He states that winds writes on sea which means whenever the wind blows it creates tribulations in the water and leaves its marks on the surface. This might not mean anything to us but inwardly it carries a message which needs to be ransacked. This is an indication to the men of wisdom because the winds tries to tell something which we don’t understand. In the next line, he metaphorically says that the sea writes on sand which means the sea has the power to change the destiny of the sand around its shores. When water comes into its full swing it never stops and takes way everything that comes in its way. This again carries a sense of being mighty because it is bothered by nothing even the sand which is always thirsty for water is carried away by the water. In the last line he says that everything is an artist because everything can leave its mark. They enjoy their life, they unlike human beings never get fed up with life and raise as celebrants of life.

In the second stanza (line 5-8), the poet continues the same pattern and says that the shooting star when falls, it draws circle and writes something on the face of the air which is always having enormous significance. Shooting star symbolizes Good Luck. Seeing a shooting start means that there is going to be a big change in your life. A life changing event is on the way, you should get prepared. Seeing a shooting star means that you will achieve your destiny; not the physical one but the spiritual one. You will attain your higher self soon and you should get ready for it. It is reminder of your connection to the universe. Here, we see that even the circling of shooting stars have bulk of messages and their existence is not by the way. The poet develops the same streak of thought, the foundation of which is laid in the very first stanza.

In the third stanza (line 9-12), the poet extends his idea to the next level and says the web of the spider which it fabricates behind the doors and other desolated places is having deeper meanings. It is not something unworthy but the dilemma is that we don’t understand it because of our lack of knowledge. He has compared it to the astronomer`s chart. He wants to tell that the way astronomer`s chart is complex and it could specifically tell you about the movement of planets and your own stars, similarly, this spider web could also convey such complex and deeper ideas but the important thing is the knowledge to decode it. Just as the spider weaves a web, we must also weave our own lives. The spider symbol meaning serves as a reminder that our choices construct our lives. When the spider appears to us, it is a message to be mindful of the choices we are making.

In many myths, the web is a key to special spider meaning. Together, both spider and web are symbolic of fate, destiny and the crazy ways we cross paths in life’s diverse web.

Not only do spiders and their webs draw attention to our life choices, they also give us an overview of how we can manipulate our thinking in order to construct the life we wish to live.

In the last stanza (line 13-16), the poet takes his idea to the next level and say that the dust is not without meaning and it has its own song and meaning. Anywhere you give it a slight way and it leaves its signature on the face of that thing. It gives a message that things which are looked down upon can leave their marks in history. The dust in the atmosphere is the reason that our sky appears blue. So it shows everything has its importance and everything has to do their best in order to live forever in the history.

Writing Poem Themes:


The poet through this poem establishes a sense of optimism and hope in the readers. He wants the readers to break down the tyrants hands of pessimism and hopelessness. He gives very particular examples of the things which have never attracted our focus and they have always been considered unworthy. The poet tells us that even such things showcase some important lessons to human beings so why the human beings have become passive in changing the shape of this world which is becoming a difficult place to live because of some unwanted efforts of devilish people.

Existence has Meaning:

Any existence is this universe is not without meaning; from a very small creature to the largest giants, everything has a meaning and purposeful role in this universe. The poet is reminding the lesson to human beings that everyone among us can change the fate of universe and everyone can raise to the peaks of excellence but hard work and the passion is needed to decode the omens coming in the way. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi very meaningfully conveys his message of striving hard and understanding the music of the universe.


Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi has given a number of examples of things which convey some very strong messages. It really tells that the universe has been designed with utmost care and purpose, which brings us closer to the Creator. The poet wants to convey that the universe, with all its objects, has a sense of creativity so how creative and lively the Creator would be. He is inculcating into the mind of the readers that Creator is a great planner and he urges us to ransack his creations to decode new meanings of life. He very beautifully develops the love of God in the hearts of the readers.

Writing Poem Analysis:

  • The very title of the poem is of very great significance. Writing is a continuous process and it conveys the message of being active. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi through this poem urges very human being that everything is this universe has a specific role to play. He wants to tell the readers that nothing is to be considered inferior because everything when on song can bring about changes of great nature.
  • God is all supreme and His design of this universe is unprecedented. He has made destiny and it has bound every object of this universe to perform a certain task. Human beings are bestowed with the critical faculty to ponder and create. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi has chosen the objects for his poem which are always looked down upon or in fact they are not given any worth in this day to day business of life. He deliberately tells by personifying different objects and giving them humanly qualities that if such pity things can work well and can have a pivotal role in the destiny of this earth so how come human beings being useless.
  • The message of hope is very evident throughout the poem and whatever examples Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi chooses seems to be in flow and swing. He develops the notion that things have great importance but they are to be understood perfectly. Similarly, human beings have pondered their identity as well and must work according to the music of universe.