Stardust in Waning Moonlight by Raja Tridev Roy: Summary and Analysis

Read below our complete notes on the short story “Stardust in Waning Moonlight” by Raja Tridev Roy. Our notes cover the intro, summary, characters, themes, and analysis of this short story.

Stardust in Waning Moonlight Introduction:

The story stardust in waning moonlight is a very connotative short story. It is pregnant in meanings and depends on the reader who interprets it. The story is built around a divorced lady who is in search of an independent partner. She wants to live on her own but has to adopt her ways in the society as well. The story stands as a mirror in a patriarchal society to give basic rights of choices and freedom to woman as they need to observe their dignity and respect.

Stardust in Waning Moonlight Summary:

The story starts in Chittagong. The lead character, whose real name is ‘Nessa’ but is called by Vicky, narrates the story. Vicky is in Chittagong to spend some time with her friend Shaheen. She tells the readers that she is born to an English mother and a Kashmiri Muslim father. Her first nineteen years are spent in California which she calls the best phase of her life. The family then moves back to Karachi and she gets married. The marriage keeps on going for three years but then they decide to get separated because of incompatibility and lack of mutual understanding. The lady tell us that she does not know her fault but she obviously could not prove to be a good woman. On the other hand, her husband was so much in her mother that he could not afford to go in contrary to mother`s orders. So the divorce had to take place.

After separation, she says that she has a number of offers but she is looking for a sort of husband in whose life the interference of parents is to a very lesser degree because she wants an independent sort of life. She thinks if she could not find such a man she would not marry at all. She can afford to live on her own as she has good offers for a job as well. The story then now shifts back to Chittagong where she dances with a man but he shrugs her tightly so the man receives a kick for Vicky.

Shaheen introduces her to some unattached men. She says that she takes interest in them because she wants to study their overall outlook. She wants to be friend with some of them but she thinks it is a tough job because a little openness with the man is a sort of invitation to bed with them. She wants to draw a line between friendship and going into bed. Shaheen tells her about Salim a family friend who is coming along with some friends. Vicky thinks that Saleem will be presentable sort of man. Saleem comes with his friend Taimurlane. She gets in conversation with Taimurlane and soon become informal. She tells Taimurlane her life story. He seems to be a good listener and good conversationalist who is interested in people. So for her, the conversation goes well. Taimurlane asks her about her Sunday`s plan and she tells him that they would be visiting his place. But he replies that he would not be there as he has to go back to Dacca. He tells her that they would visit with Saleem. Around 1 o`clock they leave but they decide that four them would visit Sitakund the next morning.

The next morning Taimurlane comes sharp at nine. Saleem calls and excuses that he cannot make it there because he has to go to factory. Shaheen has to take her children to school so she backs off as well. The two of them take some flower to offer at the temple and go on the journey. They climb the stairway to heaven together with their guide and stop at the little John Bridge for taking breathes. After nine hundred and odd stairs they reach the first temple Birupaksha. But the temple is closed. After some rest, Taimur urges her to accompany him to the next temple. She resists but he insists. They climb again and on the way she discuss all her issue with Taimur. She tells Taimur about the guy she intends to marry but his parents are to be asked. She asks him whether she should marry or do the job. He tells her not to rush into the things. They spend the day with all joy and she seems calm and soothed by the company.

Stardust in Waning Moonlight Themes:


The major theme of this short story is feminism. The writer wants to tell the readers that women are not the property of someone. The husband should not treat them the way their mothers want. Women are to be given importance and dignity. The author tells us that women have their live and freedom which should duly be given to them. The must not be suppressed. Nessa is the embodiment of modern woman who knows how to live on her in the society and how to move in the society.


Theme of liberty is another theme of this story. The writers propagates the idea that every human has his own liberty and life, and every individual wants to spend his/ her life the way he/she wishes. He tells us that liberty and freedom is the basic right of human beings and in case of marriage the parents should not impose their own wish upon their children because it is they who suffer in the future then.

Stardust in Waning Moonlight Characters:

The story has three characters in general; Nessa, Shaheen and Taimurlane. But Shaheen and Taimurlane are discussed to a very minor extent. What we get to know about Shaheen and Taimur is that Shaheen lives in Chittagong with her two children and husband who is away in Dacca. Taimur is a friend of Saleem who is family friend of Shaheen. Taimur is from Dacca and usually stays in Chittagong.

Nessa: Vick is the lead and only lead character around whom the story is built. She is born to an English mother and a Kashmiri father. Her first nineteen years are spent in California and then she comes to Karachi. In Karachi, she gets married but after spending three years, she asks for divorce due to incompatibility. She then goes to Chittagong and lives with her friend Shaheen. She wants to live independently and is in search of a man in whose life the interference of parents is very less. She intends to marry a man but the matter is pending as the guy has seek permission of his parents. She is introduced to Taimur in Chittagong with whome she becomes a fast friend as with Taimur she gets soothed. They go to visit a temple and on the way she discusses her whole life with Taimur who in answering her tell her no to rush into things. They day is spent joyfully.

Stardust in Waning Moonlight Analysis:

  • The story is written by a Bangladeshi writer who migrates to Pakistan after the 1971 incident and serves as an ambassador for Pakistan.
  • The major themes of his stories are partition and its aftermath.
  • Nessa could be an embodiment of Bangladesh. Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan but due to mismanagement and misunderstandings, it got separated in 1971.
  • The author wants to tell that though the partition seems good for Bangladesh but it destabilized Bangladesh. Nessa is in search of support and same is the case with Bangladesh which looks towards India for Bangladesh.
  • The mother because of whom misunderstanding started between Nessa and her husband could be seen as India who propagated the issue and thus separation took place.